New personal blog..

Good morning🙂
Today I want to share my new personal blog address with you🙂 I wanted a place where I can still share my creative progress with you, whatever Im working on.
I’d love you to update your blogroll with my new address please ( and removing my old, Daisy Quilts).  Come and say Hi🙂

Thank you… And have a wonderful weekend!
Robyn x

Tutorials and time to close the Daisy Quilts blog

All good things must come to an end… that’s what they say🙂

Lazy Daisy

I’ve decided it’s time to focus my creative energies on where my heart leads… towards my art and photography… something I’ve been enjoying now for a few years and have always wanted to pursue.

I also have one more reason… this blog has been receiving large amounts of comment spam… it’s called spam bombing… hence my comments being closed…and posts being removed.  It was quite amazing!

With that in mind, I want to keep making my tutorials available to those who visit looking for them and you’ll find them at the new Daisy Quilts tutorials blog.

It won’t be an active blog, but I can still be contacted there and my tutes are still there to share while there is still a call for them🙂

I do hope you find your way there.