Hello… and on a break?

Hello and thanks for passing by :)

Apparently I’m on  break from Daisy Quilts… it seems I have nothing textile based or quilty to share at the moment, although I have just finished designing my first ever piece of fabric for my current design course – A textile design brief.

This is ‘Wash Day’ :) – as I said my first ever textile design.

Wash day final_sml_robynsfineart.wordpress.com(Not a great pic – it was a terribly dull, wild rainy and hailing kind of day.)

I’m presently head down again this half of the year studying a fundamentals design course.  I’m very much enjoying it!

If you’re interested in seeing what I’m up to, you can view some of my current works over at my Fine Arts Journal (link in the menu bar).

I will get back to some sewing, but not quite just yet ;)

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