trialling design ideas..

Robyn G:

Just thought I’d share a little of what I’m up to presently :D

Originally posted on Fine Arts Journal:

Jumping in boots and all!!

Needing to create a textile design for my course… on my own, without any prior experience or help along the way… lol!! Oh dear ;)

Lots of experimenting, reading and brainstorming going on and more to do… here’s my first attempt.

Trialling design ideas_sml

Very rough colour applications… playing with that too.

Onward! :D

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6 thoughts on “trialling design ideas..

  1. Vanessa R says:

    Thanks for sharing! All sounds very interesting (and lots of work too!) Really like your first attempt – very pleasing to the eye

  2. Your design is fabulous. Good choice with the little birds. DH and I have just bought a little kiln and have been having fun experimenting with fused glass designs. It is fun to do something completely new. Enjoy your designing.

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