Jewels the Owl tutorial

#Jewels the owl tutorial

Jewels the owl, is a cute little girl made up of wool felt and your favourite yarns.  She’s a modern girl with bright jewel colours and her own little daisy tattoo…

For this tutorial I am using UK crochet terms (US terms are shown in brackets at the beginning of this tute.  If using US stitches, please refer to the beginning of the tute where needed).

Skill level required:  Requires basic crochet and stitching skills.

Chain  (Chain)

Slip Stitch (Slip Stitch)

Double Crochet (Single Crochet)

Treble Crochet (Double Crochet)

To make Jewels you will need:

  • 3.25 (D/3) crochet hook (I have used this size to give a tighter finish.  You can use a bigger hook if preferred, but you‘ll need to adjust the body by making it slightly larger).
  • 8ply (DK) yarns of your choosing – approx 6 colours
  • Darning / yarn needle
  • Embroidery thread OR buttons for eyes
  • 1 x 5 x 8in piece of wool felt OR felt
  • Sharp implement for making holes… more on this in the tutorial.
  • Polyester filling OR filling of your choice.
  • Pencil, paper, ruler

For the purpose of this tutorial, I’ll describe the yarns as shown in pics.

  • Yarn A – Turquoise
  • Yarn B – Soft Pink
  • Yarn C – Variegated Pink / Purple
  • Cream or White for eyes
  • Orange for nose.
  • Yarn D – Colour of your choice for edging.

Step 1 – the diagram

Jewels the Owl tute 1Click on this image for a better view.

Draw a 3.5 in circle onto your paper. (I traced around a drinking glass that was very close to size and adjusted it to the correct size).

Draw a line vertically through the circle middle, then 1 inch either side as shown.

Rule a line horizontally ½ inch above the top of the circle and connect with curved lines. Cut out the paper pattern shape.

Step 2 – Making Jewels’ crocheted tummy medallion

Starting with a Magic ring and Yarn Colour A.

Jewels the Owl tute 2Wrap yarn around fingers as shown above, with the short tail near the tips of your fingers.

Hold both threads with your thumb as shown.

Put your hook under and through as shown above right… Hook thread nearest to your palm and pull through…

Jewels the Owl tute 3Hook over the yarn and around to the back. Hook under, yarn over and pull through.

This makes an anchoring stitch.  You can now slide the circle off your finger carefully, holding it in place with your forefinger and thumb.

Note:  Don’t worry if you don’t get this the first time. Keep at it and be sure to check out other online sources for explanations if you need.

Jewels the Owl tute 4Round 1

Chain 3 (this counts as 1 treble)

Jewels the Owl tute 5Treble 11 into ring. Draw short tail to tighten the ring and join with a Slip Stitch into the 3rd chain of the initial 3 Chain.

Fasten off colour.

Round 2

Colour B

Jewels the Owl tute 6For this round we are working into the spaces between the trebles in round 1.

Insert hook through 1st space and draw colour B through.  Chain 3 (this counts as 1 treble).

Treble 1 into the same space, so there are the equivalent of 2 Trebles in the first space.

Chain 1.

Jewels the Owl tute 7{Treble 2 (into the next space) Chain 1}, 11 more times and join with a Slip Stitch into the 3rd Chain of the initial 3 Chain.

Fasten off colour.

Round 3

Colour C

Jewels the Owl tute 8As in the previous round we are working into the spaces between the Trebles again, but for this round we are using Double Crochet.

Insert hook through 1st space and draw colour C through.  Chain 2 (this counts as 1 Double crochet).

Double Crochet into the same space again twice, so there are the equivalent of 3 Double Crochets in the first space.

Chain 1.

{Double Crochet 3 (into the next space) Chain 1}, 11 more times and join with a Slip Stitch into the 2nd Chain of the initial 2 Chain.

Fasten off colour.

This completes the tummy medallion.

Note:  The yarn tails will be behind the tummy medallion when stitched on.

Jewels the Owl tute 9Step 3 – Making the eyes.

1st Eye.

Round 1 – Cream or white yarn.

Make a magic ring.

Chain 2 (this counts as 1 Double crochet).

Double crochet 11 more times and join with a Slip Stitch into the 2nd chain of the initial 2 Chain.

Round 2

Slip stitch into the top of the first Double Crochet.

Chain 3.  Skip 1 Double Crochet.  Slip Stitch and Chain 3 into the top of the 3rd and every alternate Double Crochet.

Join with a Slip Stitch to the 1st Chain of the initial 3 Chain.

Fasten off.

Repeat Rounds 1 and 2 for 2nd eye.

Using the embroidery thread, fill the centre of the eyes with satin stitch OR you can stitch on buttons of your choice. See pics below.

Step 4 – Cutting out the body.

Jewels the Owl tute 9aCut 2 body parts from the body fabric.

You now have 2 body pieces, 1 tummy medallion and 2 eyes.

Step 5 – Attaching the tummy medallion and eyes.

Jewels the Owl tute 10Pin the tummy medallion into place as shown.

Jewels the Owl tute 11Using matching threads and the darning needle, stitch the medallion into place by sewing through the back edge of the crochet stitch.

Stitch eyes into place using matching thread and sewing around the embroidered eye.

Step 6 – The nose

Jewels the Owl tute 12Using the darning needle and orange yarn for the nose, create a triangle and fill it with stitches.

Step 7 – Assembling the body

Jewels the Owl tute 13On the outer edge and all the way around the body – 1/4in in from the edge and approx 1/4in apart, perforate (create holes through) both layers of wool / felt at the same time, with a sharp kitchen skewer OR an awl OR the method that suits you best for doing this step. (There are quite a few ways of doing this and people have their preferred methods).

This can be a tedious step if you’re doing it manually, so be prepared for a break to have a cuppa or pat your doggy or kitty :)

Make sure you have some thick cardboard behind the owl body for this step and don’t use your cutting mat (like me :P .. it’s not a good idea! ;)).

Jewels the Owl tute 14Using yarn D, insert hook through the 1st hole in both layers and draw yarn through.

Yarn over, draw yarn through loop (this counts as 1 Double crochet for this purpose).

Jewels the Owl tute 15Double Crochet into the next and every hole.

For the ears, {Double Crochet, Chain 1 and Double Crochet} into the corner hole, so that you create a corner. Do this for both ears.

Jewels the Owl tute 16Continue working your way around the owl body and pause…. (see the right hand pic above) fill the body before finishing off.

Jewels the Owl tute 16aI use all of my woolly ends and bits and pieces to fill part of the owl body and then fill the remainder with poly filling or filling of your choice.

Jewels the Owl tute 17Hold the 2 body edges in place to resume Double Crocheting around to the finish.

Slip Stitch through the first stitch.

Do NOT fasten off yet.

Jewels the Owl tute 18Chain 3.  Double Crochet in next space.  Chain 3. Double Crochet in next Space.

Chain 3. Continue to 1st ear corner.

Jewels the Owl tute 19{Double Crochet, Chain 4, Double Crochet} into the 1st ear corner, then resume Chain 3, Double Crochet etc. to the next ear.

Repeat as for the 1st ear and then resume Chain 3, Double Crochet to the end.

Jewels the Owl tute 20To finish off, Slip Stitch into the 1st chain of the initial 3 chain.

Fasten off colour.  Stitch ends through behind crocheted edge.

Loop a hanging thread to the ear if desired…

Jewels the Owl tute 21Stitch her little daisy tattoo in place using lazy daisy stitch…

..and Ta-da!!!!

Jewels is finished!!!

..and Ta Da!Do enjoy her.  She is a cutie :D

Note: This is my first combined sewing and crochet tutorial… I hope it is clear and concise.

I think it’s pretty straight forward really, but if you have any questions, please ask.

I haven’t tried to describe the actual crochet stitches as there are many resources that offer this.

As usual, I ask that you respect my copyright request in using my tutorials for gift giving, personal use and charities etc. only as described on my Tutorial page.

Please do not copy or upload to the internet.

Please do not use this tutorial for fund raising (other than charity).  This item and its pattern (tutorial) are not to be made for sale, or sold.

Again, any questions, please ask me.

I have made this little item and tutorial for your enjoyment, to be shared and to make you smile. :D

If you do make Jewels, I’d love you to share!!  It’ll be fun to see more owls.

Have fun!!

In friendship,  Robyn xx

PS I thought I might make some little eyes and tummy medallions to put into my Etsy shop for purchase for those who don’t crochet, but would like to make Jewels.

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6 thoughts on “Jewels the Owl tutorial

  1. What a lovely little jewel! I just love this little fellow! (or is it a girl..?? ;) )
    And you tutorial seems very clear to me; I’ll hope to try it out some time near, because it’s just too sweet!
    Hope you got my email……. There are so many things going on here on the moment. Hope to keep up on the blog-reading…..trying to read last weeks blogs….
    Love and a very inspiring weekend, Ria.

  2. Vanessa R says:

    Robyn!!! I’ve just seen this now!
    Thank you so much for making this tutorial – love the detailed instructions, that will make it easy for me as a beginner. I am looking forward to making Jewel

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