It’s time…

It’s time for me to say goodbye to the Daisy Quilts blog for a while..

It’ll be an un-determined amount of time…  All is well! :D  I’m simply going to take some ‘me’ time.  I’m prioritising and I need to revisit my UFOs and find some energy for my sewing again. ;)

I’ve had a blast over the last 4 1/2 years… meeting (some in real life!) the most fantastic people in the blogging community… so many gorgeous people and some who are now true friends :) I’m very thankful!!

Now though its – Time for family and friends

Time to focus more on my art and photography… you’ll still find me sharing these on my Fine Arts Journal, as this seems to be where my interests and focus lie presently.

Time for the family business…

Time to make… stuff and do some gardening! It’s a jungle out there :P ;)

Time (possibly?/hopefully!) away from the computer, a bit more… at least this is my intention… ha ha

Of course, it’s not an easy decision and I mightn’t be able to stay away!? ;) .. but I’ll be around.  :D  Thanks to my friends, regular visitors and newbies.  I have enjoyed your visits and comments.  I’m also thankful for the opportunities writing this blog has brought my way.  It’s been a blast!  See you somewhere in this big wide world..maybe at the Quilt show or downtown at the cafe ;)

or you can pop over to my personal blog, Robyn Loves Colour where I’ll be randomly talking about ‘whatever’ :D

Your sewing friend,

Robyn xox :D

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14 thoughts on “It’s time…

  1. Enjoy life and whatever you choose to do Robyn…I understand completely and thats why I only write my blog for myself. I don’t blog for an audenience….it makes it too hard….well it does for me anyway….take care…catch you round….hugs Khris

  2. SuziQ says:

    Hi Robyn, totally understand you wanting a break. Life is so short – family and friends are just so important.
    All the best, Cheers, SuziQ
    PS. I just love the rose pic.

  3. Hi Robyn…best wishes for for your future plans. I have enjoyed loitering around your blog, but know what a big effort it takes sometimes to keep it up :) I have been entertaining similar thoughts myself lately…..maybe I’ll just cut back ( do I sound like a tragic addict of some kind?)

    Hugs, Kathy

  4. Audrey says:

    Good luck and best wishes for whatever the future brings you. Peace of mind and body is very important and sometimes you just have to step back from things to help you get there. Audrey

  5. Best wishes to you & your family Robyn…….and thank you for Colourful Fridays & February Hearts!
    Health & happiness!

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