Hello… an update & De-stash #1

Hello hello… out there… It’s been so long since I’ve been here and I have bits and pieces of news to share… just ordinary stuff :) …plus some items to de-stash… that hopefully somebody out there will love to use.

I can’t believe it’s been 3 months since I posted last… ah, but such is life and that’s the way things go.

A pic for us visual people, in the midst of all my blurb :) (one of my fave pincushions)


Creating… and health stuff..

Soon after I had a lovely lunch with Sweet Pea (last post), I hurt my back and it’s been troubling me since… so sitting (i.e. sewing, computers and anything ‘sitty’) were off the agenda for a while!! Well, they still are… apparently we aren’t infallible forever ;) Who knew? :P

So… I have been out walking, taking pics with my camera whenever I have the chance… I so enjoy my photography these days and it allows me to create while being on my feet and wandering.  If you’re interested you can view my photos on my Fine Arts Journal. If you see something you really like… most of my images are for sale as Fine Art prints or Photographs… Please ask me :D

I did manage to sew a pretty block recently. I’ve seen this block in a few places lately and I thought I could do little bits here and there and still move forward at my own pace, whatever that is.

Scrappy 4 Patch blocks

As you can see, I decided to sew up the cutoff corners into blocks while I was going along. One block so far :) I’ll press along with this when I can.

No crochet or other creating is really happening at this stage… it’s all sitting.

Facebook and old fashioned emails

I’ve taken myself off facebook too… going along with not sitting, I thought I’d take a break and kinda be old fashioned for a while… so I’ve disappeared from fb for now.  I am still on as Daisy Quilts but only for a tiny sewing friendship group I belong to.  Having said that, I am always happy to send and receive emails to catch up anytime :)  Like I said… old fashioned… for now :)

De-stashing of UFOs and unwanted / needed goodies.

I’ve decided to do some more de-stashing of my sewing room with unused or unfinished projects.  I’ve tried to sell some on Etsy or Ebay… but no takers.

So, with that in mind, I thought Id share pics here of De-stashing items I have on offer.  I’ll add them when I can.

If you see something you like, please contact me here and make me a fair and decent offer… I am happy to negotiate.

All items are in condition as described and will be mostly NEW… and I will be very happy for my goods to go to homes where they will be used.

I think at this stage if I have anyone interested, I will post to Australia only, as postage costs are expensive from here… thanks for understanding.

Payment will be by PayPal, but we can discuss that (again, if anyone is interested).  Please don’t be shy if you see something you like… as I said make me a fair offer :) Thank you.

You still with me???  Thanks for reading this far… if you have.

It’s probably best if I create or renew my destash page… but for now I’ll add the first items here in a gallery.

De-Stash #1 – Pink, Purple & Pansy Quilt blocks

A total of nineteen, 12 1/2inch-ish quilt blocks + scrap bag of leftover fabrics.  Made years ago, when I had only been quilting for a while… Still in very new condition.  Stored and not used.  Pet and smoke free.  Cost + postage.

Please note: Blocks will be sold as is, (in one lot) with some corner imperfections as shown.  I’m happy to answer questions :)

Well that ‘s about it from me for now.  Thanks for reading this far.  I do hope all is well with you and that you’re creating happily.

Kind regards and hugs,

Robyn x

Lunch with Sweet Pea…

Yesterday, Sweet Pea and I met for lunch!  We’ve commented and emailed back and forth for quite some time now (years), sharing photography and quilting, but we hadn’t met…until yesterday…  We had a lovely quiet chatty lunch and afterwards we wandered a little and found a lovely garden nursery.  We both made a little purchase for our gardens :)

I purchased a couple of Echinacea ( Cone flower) plants.

Echinacea 750wmI admit to buying the plant to photograph, as well as to plant in my garden *wink*  I think the flowers on these plants are amazing!  Photographing it in a pleasing way was tricky though, but here is my effort :D  First time I’ve looked this closely at this amazing flower.

Thanks for a great day D.  It was lovely to meet you!!

A little crochet progress…

This past couple of weeks has seen me dig out some fabric & thread again :D

After such a horribly hot summer, it’s simply nice to feel like touching textiles.  Today is cool and rainy…just misting rain, but we desperately need it, so any moisture is good..and a blessing!!

I’ve been doing a little crochet.  When a hint of the cooler (or even not so hot) weather came, I decided to play a little and just make some simple little granny squares… experimenting with colour combos… some I like.. some I’m not so fussed on. Still, it’s fun to play.

Little Granny Squares I’ll probably make a cushion cover with these… they have no real purpose except for enjoyment :D I found this little pattern over at Sandra’s again.  She inspires me!

I’m also delighted to be back working on my afghan again… only a little bit in the evenings presently, but I’ll do more as the weather gets colder.

Afghan Progress Feb 2014So far I’ve probably only done 2 or 3 rows, but it’s a start again and I think I’ll finish this one this winter.

My clamshell blanket is out in it’s bag, but I think I might just work on my afghan for a while until I need a change.

I’m also thinking I’ll get back to my block a day (or at least be working on them ;) )… or close to it.  No pics at this stage… I’ve yet to dig them out… but I think I will.

Just a little update from me :D  I’m back in the land of textiles for a little bit!!