Lunch with Sweet Pea…

Yesterday, Sweet Pea and I met for lunch!  We’ve commented and emailed back and forth for quite some time now (years), sharing photography and quilting, but we hadn’t met…until yesterday…  We had a lovely quiet chatty lunch and afterwards we wandered a little and found a lovely garden nursery.  We both made a little purchase for our gardens :)

I purchased a couple of Echinacea ( Cone flower) plants.

Echinacea 750wmI admit to buying the plant to photograph, as well as to plant in my garden *wink*  I think the flowers on these plants are amazing!  Photographing it in a pleasing way was tricky though, but here is my effort :D  First time I’ve looked this closely at this amazing flower.

Thanks for a great day D.  It was lovely to meet you!!

A little crochet progress…

This past couple of weeks has seen me dig out some fabric & thread again :D

After such a horribly hot summer, it’s simply nice to feel like touching textiles.  Today is cool and rainy…just misting rain, but we desperately need it, so any moisture is good..and a blessing!!

I’ve been doing a little crochet.  When a hint of the cooler (or even not so hot) weather came, I decided to play a little and just make some simple little granny squares… experimenting with colour combos… some I like.. some I’m not so fussed on. Still, it’s fun to play.

Little Granny Squares I’ll probably make a cushion cover with these… they have no real purpose except for enjoyment :D I found this little pattern over at Sandra’s again.  She inspires me!

I’m also delighted to be back working on my afghan again… only a little bit in the evenings presently, but I’ll do more as the weather gets colder.

Afghan Progress Feb 2014So far I’ve probably only done 2 or 3 rows, but it’s a start again and I think I’ll finish this one this winter.

My clamshell blanket is out in it’s bag, but I think I might just work on my afghan for a while until I need a change.

I’m also thinking I’ll get back to my block a day (or at least be working on them ;) )… or close to it.  No pics at this stage… I’ve yet to dig them out… but I think I will.

Just a little update from me :D  I’m back in the land of textiles for a little bit!!



Robyn G:

Hello :D
Thought it was time to share some of what I’ve been working on! It’s been keeping me busy.
The weather is cooling down now and soon it will be cold, so I’ve pulled out the crochet again and have been working on my afghan… am also pondering my little hand made blocks again for the winter. Another post about those when I can share some pics :)
Think the blog is looking better now… would love your feedback… is it easy for you to read??
Have a great day!!
Hugs, Robyn xx

Originally posted on Fine Arts Journal:

I’m happy to say I’m taking part in two exhibitions in the next few weeks and I’ve been getting ready for these and working towards them for some time now.

Thought I’d share my entries with you.

I’m entering a painting in the first and two photographs in the second.  These are my entries :D

I delivered the painting yesterday and the 2 photographs will be handed in on Monday.

View original

Tiny creations

Hello hello and Happy New Year??!!

Really, I can’t believe I haven’t posted this year… I was pretty sure I had… (found it ;) ) but this blog is presently having a spack all on it’s own, so bear with me please :D

I was trying to share some of what I’ve been up to presently and was trying to reblog from my Fine Arts Journal…and then the spack!!

So here are some pics to share… and if you’d like to read my post about them, please pop on over to my Fine Arts Journal :)

..and the dear little crochet bunny just keeps on inspiring :) Thanks Janette :)

I’ve even done some sewing using a neat little tute by Anorina over at Samelia’s Mum.. yet to be finished by me. Trialling some possible bindings here in this pic.

Turnstile tuteThe pic is a bit blurry (taken with iPad – first time ever for me)…but you get the idea :)

Oh!! One more thing :)  My Meadow Light Studio Etsy shop will be 14% off everything until Valentine’s Day. Use the code 14LOVE… posting to Australia only.

Have a great week!!

I’ve been painting!!

This past week, I’ve been to a fabulous painting workshop.

I thoroughly enjoyed it, learned heaps and I just had to share with you :)

I painted two pretty ok paintings and had 2 sort of epic fails… lol.. simply part of the journey for me.

Oh yes! A very Happy New Year to you all :D

This coming week is going to be finalising for my first ever Market!!

I’m taking Meadow Light Studio to the markets at Lithgow on Australia Day, with my ever supportive hubby.  Fingers crossed people will like what we do ;)

Lithgow is a very friendly little town just over the Blue Mountains, west of Sydney. A nice Sunday drive.. and the market is on a Sunday from 9am til 1pm, 26th January…and every 4th Sunday of the month at the same time.  Come and see me if you’re passing by, or come to visit and say hello!!!

We’re taking jewellery, quilty items, softies, crystal mobiles, sun-catchers, timber coasters, photo cards and whatever else I can finalise this week, to see what people like.

Wish me luck please :D

PS I am in the midst of bring a fresher look to my blog… I’m thinking it will change from this ‘look’ to another I like better, but this is where I got to, before I got busy… watch this space ;)

Have a fabulous week!!

2013 ~ year in review…

What a year it’s been! Phew… and a good one :)

This past year has seen many changes for me and so again, I thought I’d share some of what I’ve been up to.

Ok, so I’ve just realised this is a long post.  If you do decide to read… thanks and grab a cuppa! :D ..and yes there are pics!!

Many of you pass by and some ‘faithful friends’ leave me comments and encouragement which is always appreciated… thanks so much!  I love ALL your visits! :)

Where to begin…

The beginning of the year saw the wonderful Block a Day challenge, with a gorgeous group of ladies which was most productive for those of us who played along.  I was making my beautiful Klosjes and I think I now have around 100 made… Yeah!!

After that I had the pleasure of sitting in a class with Marg Sampson George (gorgeous lady) and I began my Eternity Quilt journey.

Also lots of crochet happened this year.  I started my Afghan…which I adore and also a wonderful clamshell crochet ‘Nana blanket’ with Sandra from Cherry Heart.

These were such wonderful winter activities. Nice to sit with wool on your lap in the freezing cold of winter…. plus there were other cute little crochet projects along the way.

In July this year, I took myself back to my studies and did a short design course for 6 months.  Once again, I thoroughly enjoyed this and it certainly fed my creative needs and inspired me on into directions I hadn’t given thought to before.

It was great to get back to drawing again… it had been far too long…. and some of the other things I really enjoyed doing were:

  • Designing and creating my first piece of fabric, ‘Wash Day’, which I’m hoping to make available in the New Year.
  • Experimenting with and creating my first kinetic mobile, which has inspired me to make more… I loved this project!!
  • Using and creating projects with design software. My project was a magazine.

I’ll try and keep the rest brief… well maybe… there’s plenty more :D

Photography is a great passion of mine these days and the camera is never far from me and I’m always learning something new there.  You’ll always find photos of some sort over on my Fine Arts Journal.

For years now, I’ve wanted a working Studio name and this year seemed like the time to christen that, so in November, ‘Meadow Light Studio’ was born :D  It seems like creating is always a journey and there’s always more to learn which I love, but I also love doing.

I’ve been making more Kinetic mobiles and have also been creating Jewellery!!  Who knew?!!! But it’s fun and I love it :)  Anything sparkly and girly.

So… You’ll now find ‘Meadow Light Studio’ on facebook and etsy.  Please come visit me there… you’re most welcome!!  If you find something you like, but I don’t have your colours, please ask me… I’m happy to discuss custom orders and I’m very happy for you to tell your friends…lol ;)

You’ll still find Daisy Quilts on Etsy too.  I’ve decided my focus for Daisy Quilts will be handmade for now.  I love making things and I don’t really love writing patterns…lol.  In Daisy Quilts Handmade (on etsy), I’ll be sharing a few little, one of a kind creations and some one off items that I have made along the way.

I’m also hoping next year will be my first year at the markets!! :D

Phew, still not finished yet :P

The last few weeks of the year have been of a more sombre note… Our dear mummy dog, Pepe was bitten by a snake and we lost her… so sad :(  Pets steal your heart and become family and we really miss her.  We also lost our dear pussy cat Kato this year too… she was old.  We’re going to plant trees for both xox

The rest of our doggies are all doing fine and keeping us on our toes.  We love them all!!!

One more thing was to find our home broken into at the beginning of this week.  You just gotta ask… ‘Why?’.

This in no way overrides the good things of the year though.  Our family is safe and we fared sort of ok, if you can say this.

Lastly… yes really :P  I want to wish you, one and all a wonderful Christmas with family and friends or wherever you are…

Santas on His way teeny_sigHo, Ho, Ho!

with love and friendship,

Robyn xox